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Document Digitization

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Accountant Records

Document Scanning

We can convert your large volume of paper into digital format with professional scanning equipment and software. We offer end-to-end service or customized options that suit your needs. The files can be indexed to your criteria makes it easy to view the records in your particular environment. This arrangement allows the data to be easily imported into your current or future document or information management environment.


Data Capture & Conversion

We employ industry-leading character validation and compares programmes to ensure superior quality standards. Our data capture process uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for high accuracy and recognition levels when converting the scanned images into machine-encoded text, allowing the document to be stored online and electronically searched.

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Wide-Format Blueprints Scanning

For years, we have specialized in wide and large format scanning services for engineering and architectural firms, construction companies, and building departments. Once these documents are digitized, they can be easily located when requested, and copies can be printed or emailed to whoever may need them.


Microfilm & Microfiche Digitizing

We can convert your microfilm into digital formats to reduce the risk of losing confidential and historical data due to fading or other environmental dangers. Microfilm and microfiche conversion are highly technical processes of taking roll film or microfiche and converting the film to a digital format, such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG files. We can even create text-searchable indexing, making it easier to find individual records without reviewing the entire film.

Piles of Books

Rare Book Scanning

We use specialized overhead liner book scanners to scan and capture rare, historical, out of prints and fragile books, magazines and journals. We can scan either in colour, black and white or greyscale as necessary depending on the nature of the books and contents. Once scanned, the images are then processed and converted to the required image formats such as PDF, Text Searchable PDF, and even Excel for directories.

Photography Slide

Negatives, Slides & Photos Digitizing

These delicate and historic formats can be easily damaged. We can convert all your loose photos, slides, transparencies, and negatives into high-resolution digital formats. All scans are saved as 8 bit, sRGB, TIFF LZW lossless compression file, or otherwise requested.

Laser Scanning Book


Linkco Document Management was founded in 2002 to offer a wide range of micrographic and imaging services. These services include converting physical document records, microfilm, engineering drawings, rare books, and multimedia into various digital formats. Whether you need secure data archiving, quick information retrieval, or information distribution, Linkco can provide a complete, cost-effective, and high-quality solution.

With decades of experience in the document scanning industry, Linkco has been a trusted provider of effective document digitizing solutions to customers' document management and data conversion needs.


For over two decades, our services have supported the document digitizing requirements of customers in the financial, industrial, educational, and government sectors in the micrographic and imaging industry.



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"Linkco's solution is the most advanced technology in scanning skills and retrieval system designs. We don't need to buy expensive software to handle all data & images."

Mabel Wong

Research & Policy Corporate Services Associate

Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited



Linkco Document Management Ltd

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